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The Story of AvoBand

Awesome AvoBands NFTs. We want to attract and build a community of like-minded NFT fans that share, collaborate on, and invest in exciting NFT projects and ideas. We have a set goal to become the largest cross-chain NFT community whale in the space, and NFT holders will be there every step of the way.
We love NFTs and are ridiculously optimistic about the future of this entirely new asset class. Over the last half year or so we've had a blast discovering, aping into, and trading NFTs and have learned a lot along the way. As experienced product builders we felt the time is right to launch our own project for and with the community - join the ride!



First launch!

  • First launch of 1500 (to get started) avocados from AvoBand!
  • Christmas Giveaway contest!
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Discord chanel "The avocado tree club"!

  • Discord channel "The avocado tree club" where more surprises will be announced!
  • Show your AvoBand avocado to another avocados!
  • Give us your idea of the ideal avocado and we will make it come true!
  • More Giveaway contest!
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The great collection!

  • We are ready to launch the great second collection at this point!
  • With traits and rarity!
  • More crazy!
  • More rebellious!
  • And healthy!
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  • 10% of the total sales of the collections will be donated for social purposes!
  • We want to be avocados for you!
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At AvoBand we believe that we have a duty to and for society because from it and from us the ideas that drive us to a better future (such as NFTs) are born, so the best thing is that as others do, we must contribute to make this technology, something more social that is why we are going to donate 10% of the total sale of each of the collections to social purposes. For them for you and for us.